Lunes, Hunyo 25, 2012

Educational Technology: boon or bane?

EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY:  Is it  "Boon  or Bane"?

     Educational Technology, for me is very much appreciated.  Though, we knew that everything in this world have an advantages and disadvantages.  But we as a human we have to follow or go to the flow of civilizations.  Even farmers or carpenters needs to be educated to use modern facilities and changes to make more products,to make the production easier and faster,resulting a good and best qualities.

     How can we imagine a career women who don't even know how to use a semi auto washing  machine?  At my stage, as a Mommy and a student, its very important for me using a new households technology like washing machine,stoves refrigerator,etc.Very important to me to manage my time to my kids responsibilities while studying and helping to my husband for the sake of our family  future.  So, for me, Educational Technology, is very important and helpful, it is like a gadgets or computers that needs to up-grade.

     We knew that Filipino workers are highly in demand globally,  (whatever skills,aspect or whatever degree they've finished),  having a knowledged or being educated technologically is an advantage and are very competitive, so learning and education about technologies give us a big help not only to ourselves but also to country.  We need to be frank  that as a citizen we have to moving on about the old one,but we don't need to just keep it away to our mind, what I mean is we took ideas from old times practiced, we just need to enhance,develop and improve the new style,new technology effectively by education of technology, for our better future and ahead to others.